"Believe the incredible, and you can do the impossible"

-Fulton J. Sheen  


Stephen is a young and dynamic speaker who hails from Peoria, IL. A graduate of Bradley University, he was a member of the Bradley Speech Team, with over 40 National Titles to their name. Stephen combines his background as a speaker with his experience working at a Fortune 100 Company, mentoring DI athletes, and 5 years of leading Catholic retreats. Stephen currently lives in Denver, CO.

Stephen began speaking by giving talks to groups on his college campus. Again and again at these talks he saw people who on the verge of giving up; on their dreams, their values, and on themselves. By speaking Stephen wants to motivate others to persevere and triumph. Stephen has impacted the lives of thousands in 7 states, and intends to change the lives of many more.

By sharing his story of Christian faith and overcoming adversity, Stephen's goal is to inspire others to recognize their full potential and pursue it.  

Whether it be a faith-based audience like parishes, youth groups and Newman Centers; or more diverse audiences like public schools, student-leaders on college campuses, or athletes; Stephen's goal is to relate to his audience's struggles and help them see their inner strength.



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